Experience the tailor made gateways & escapes, deep into the deserts of Sharjah where you can uncover the secrets of the region’s ancient Bedouin culture.

Fossil Rock & Camel Rock Tour
Embark on an extreme off-road fun drive through the Mleiha landscape, taking in spectacular views from the peak of Camel Rock. Your guide knows just the right time and place to stop for you to take beautiful photos of the sun setting and moon rising. This exhilarating ride lasts approximately 30 minutes and is suitable for ages 3 and above.

Adventure Package
Your journey will last approximately 6 hours as you take in views from up to three different peaks, visit ancient sites, stop for picture-perfect photos of the stunning landscape and conclude your adventure in the relaxing setting of our Sunset Lounge and is suitable for ages 3 and above.

Archaeological Tour
Take in the impressive archaeological and historical sites of Mleiha with our unique tour. Enjoy beautiful landscape views, spot birds, reptiles and camels which are typical to the area and, if you’re feeling adventurous, try your hand at climbing a soft dune suitable for all ages.

Desert Cycling Tours
Explore the vast Mleiha area on a FatBoy bike, specially-designed with extra-wide tyres for riding in the desert. Venture out by bike with your guide who will show you an impressive array of archaeological and historical sites, point out where you can climb soft dunes and allow you to get up close to nature, including birds, reptiles and camels.

Dune Buggy Adventures
Calling all thrill-seekers! Hop on one of our dune buggies for the ultimate heart-pumping ride through the Sharjah desert. This extreme off-roading adventure tour will allow you to explore the stunning landscape.

Venture out into the landscape of Mleiha for the ultimate desert adventure. Take in the breath-taking views before doing some exploring and spotting the same flora and fauna that lived in the area over a millennia ago. You can choose from a short, long or overnight backpacking trek.

Diamond Lounge
Experience the beauty of Sunset in the Mleiha Desert and dine under the blanket of the night sky. Guests will travel in our luxurious off road vehicles, enjoying a gentle dune drive to our lounge for a picturesque sunset accompanied by delicious date wine or traditional Arabian beverages.
Treat yourself and your guests to personalised, silver service in a canopied Majlis setting, with a five course Dinner and live grill.
Finally, explore the cosmos through our high powered telescopes with our expert guide.

Sunset Lounge
The evening starts off with a beautiful sunset view, followed by a Trek of the mountain and a BBQ dinner under the stars. Also includes observing deep sky objects through our telescope with an expert. Short off-road dune drive included in package.
Further enhance your experience with our thrilling buggy night adventure.

Fossil Fun
Join our experts on an incredible journey of exploration into the worlds of the past, walk through several ages of ancient sea beds, graves of long dead creatures and earth’s upper mantle. Read the history of the planet inscribed in the rocks.

Sounds of the past
Look through the eyes of the first humans in Arabia, live a day in their lives, paint on walls like they used to, make tools like them.

Space camp
Understand the scale of the solar system, realize your place in the universe, and comprehend the probability of existence of alien life and much, much more.

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