Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates


Umm al Quwain, which translates into ‘Mother of Two Powers’, refers to the enduring legacy of oceangoing among the emirate’s tribes. Located in the northern part of the UAE, its modern history can be traced back to some two centuries ago, when the Al Ali tribe moved their capital from Al Sinniyah Island to its present location in the mid-18th century. Umm Al Quwain was established as an independent sheikhdom in 1775 by Sheikh Majid Al Mualla of the Al Ali tribe.


Located along the vital trade route between Asia and India, Umm al Quwain has luxurious coastal mangroves that line the shores of the Persian Gulf, large rolling sand dunes in the interior, and fertile land around Falaj Al Moalla, which is a natural oasis that lies 50km from the city. The region’s natural beauty and manmade attractions is a big draw for numerous sightseers and tourists.


Boasting far more topographical diversity than the other emirates in the UAE, Umm al Quwain is also a developing hotspot for extreme sports. Recreational activities include sailing in quiet lagoon waters to more adventurous activities like skydiving, windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing and kayaking. The area also has a flying club and a motor racing venue.

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