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184 Main Street Victoria 8007


    * Temporarily closed untill further notice.

    Sea And Salt Spa & Wellness

    One’s mindfulness is who we are at SEA & SALT SPA.
    A new haven next to the heart of the sea of DUBAI.
    A sanctuary that offers high caliber facilities that will awaken your 5 senses.
    Expérience the healing hands of our experts using the 5 earthy éléments.
    Indulge the new Era of ambiance throughout the 5 seasons.
    We will let you wander the continents you’ve have never been before as we take Luxury of your Time in Relaxation, Re-energising & Rejuvenation.
    A captivating purlieu that you will call as your home away from home in Dubai to start your Spa journey with us.

    For your Wellness Journey you can choose from our services:

    • Massage
    • Hammam
    • Facial
    • Facilities access

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